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Motivating In Motion

"The window of opportunity is available but to gain the opportunity you must not shrink yourself or adjust to fit through the window. The window must adjust for you."

        What is Motivating In Motion

                 Motivating In Motion is a quality motivation service designed to enhance personal growth, inspire and motivate others to be the best version of themselves, and create a positive outlook on life.



                    To provide quality motivation that will enhance personal growth to create a positive outlook on life. 





                                                                                                    Be purposeful 

                                                                          To motivate with the sole purpose of enhancing lives.


                                                                                                   Be intentional

                                                                           To motivate with the intent to harness positivity



I'm Dene Dessuit, the owner of Motivating In Motion. My passion for motivating and inspiring others arose from wanting others to see the brighter side of life regardless of the circumstances. I aim to inspire and influence others to be their best self and spread positivity.

"Determination breathes passion, passion breathes success, and success gives birth to destiny."

-Dene Dessuit


Integrity- To conduct business with integrity   
Quality - To provide quality content and motivation
Focus- To focus on the needs of the audience
Impact- To create a positive impact that will last a lifetime

Motivating is about shedding light. The same light that makes flowers grow and bloom can be related to motivating and how it makes the soul and mind grow.

What can motivating do?

Motivating can ignite the spark the

 within, help overcome adversity,

achieve goals and grow. 

Who can benefit from motivating in motion?







“You are a flower that must blossom in every
season.”- Dene Dessuit

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